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Trusted HVAC Service in Houston

Orbit Air Conditioning is a small business with a big appetite for doing the right thing for our customers. Whether that’s installing new equipment, fixing existing equipment, or simply giving your system a comprehensive check-up, we guarantee expert solutions that are right for you.

A Small Business With a Big Commitment

When we assess your HVAC system, we don’t have any sales quotas to meet. We don’t try to sell you unnecessary parts or accessories. We don’t hire outside install crews or salesmen. If we recommend something, you can expect us to show up ourselves and do the job right.

A Message from the Owner

I started this company to fill a need I saw in the industry. Being in the HVAC field long enough, I have witnessed firsthand how many big companies send under-trained technicians, or even worse, salesmen into peoples homes and businesses with nothing more than a sales quota to reach. This is unacceptable to me. I have heard too many horror stories from nice customers about pushy salesmen using scare tactics to sell overpriced and sometimes unnecessary items to home and business owners. That behavior is shameful.

So I can proudly guarantee that the Orbit Air Conditioning team takes pride in our work, and puts honesty, integrity, and respect first! The truth is, I really enjoy air conditioning and heating. When you enjoy what you do, you’re excited to get out there and make your customers happy.

John Westphal

Comprehensive HVAC Expert Services

The Orbit Air Conditioning team meticulously inspects every aspect of your HVAC cooling and heating systems to ensure optimal performance, safety, cost reductions, and to keep you cool during the hot Houston summers and occasional cold winters.

HVAC Air Conditioning Check-Ups

AC check-ups include a comprehensive, multi-point inspection of the following:

HVAC Heating Check-Ups

Heater check-ups include a comprehensive, multi-point inspection of the following:

HVAC Seasonal Maintenance Tune-Up Program: Keep Your Mind At-Ease Year-Round

Your HVAC system is generally one of the more costly investments in your home or business. Increase the longevity of your HVAC investment and potentially lower your electricity bill with our seasonal maintenance tune-up program.

What to Expect

Our maintenance program involves two annual visits to optimize your HVAC system’s performance. This is especially important when protecting your HVAC investment because we often catch potential issues before they become bigger and more costly.

The maintenance program includes all the inspections listed above with the HVAC check-ups, plus more:

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